Meeting Notes for 18 Aug 2010

Present: Phong, Mihael, TomL, Liz, Marge, Bob, TomJ

Topics to discuss

  • Deleting logbook entries and other guest garbage - how?
  • Getting new stuff into PROD
  • TomJ has an oral presentation on QuarkNet stuff at a cosmic ray conference


  • www19 lives!
  • Need to inform teachers that we need to allow javascript, popups, flash, etc. Browser selection?
    • Such a warning might scare away potential users.
    • More trouble than it's worth?
    • Put a <noscript> warning on pages that need it?
    • Need to determine what's critical - JS is.


  • Summer workshops went well
    • Concerns about cluster performance issues
    • Get other QuarkNet centers to run workshops?
  • Manuscript for a talk on the Cosmic component of the eLab/QuarkNet due 10 October.
    • Show off that we are "the best"
    • Explain our philosophy?
  • Send "big" jobs to the cluster?



  • Help on the 3D display and the exploration mode are inactive.
  • Ensure plots work where they should

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