Meeting Notes for 4 Aug 2010

Present: Phong, Mihael, TomL, Liz, Marge
Absent: Bob, TomJ


  • Some people at ANL were doing grid-portal stuff (similar to I2U2)
  • New hardware
  • Try and get BRANCH/2.0 in production by 1 Sept/end-of-Aug?
  • Should we have a "silent eLab" which does not require a workshop?
    • Needs a lot of material online
  • New server hardware needs installation.


  • Need to get explanation of the physics to the students
    • Other documentation needed
    • Need notes on explaining why there's a peak at ~91 GeV?
  • 3D event display should have certain default view data
  • We are not really using filters the 'real' way - we're manually labeling files
  • Hopefully we will get an answer on run-data by tomorrow
  • Inserting uploaded images into logbook. - low priority?


  • Polish up existing UI
  • Adding Educational Scaffolding - Dale
  • Remove old Bluestone?


  • Java ThresholdTimes file - use GCJ precompilation?
  • Cache ThresholdTimes results?
  • Blessing UI - Not discussed, but still needs to be completed.

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 04 Aug 2010
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