Meeting Notes for 21 Jul 2010

Present: Phong, Mihael, TomL
Absent: Bob, Marge, Liz, TomJ


  • Bug should be fixed for group/student creation - I think
  • Need to get teacher account creation working by 28 Jul (one week from now)

  • Mihael may be concentrating on SWIFT development for the rest of his time in Chicago

  • Do we get Jamie involved in ELabs coding? Some discussion needed


  • Workshop on Monday, 2 August
  • CMS UI bugs need to be squashed
  • Help screen issues - need content
    • Screencast in the milestones, could be used as the help documentation?

  • Discussion on cuts
    • Counterintuitive results occur on certain cuts
    • Need to have some notes on what a cut actually does?
    • TomL is working over the physics validity of cuts outside a range

  • Jamie can generate the IG data himself - but should we do it ourselves?
    • FNAL has access to the required software toolkits
    • Phong takes over the processing since the collaborators may be too busy



  • Dale is going to send a checklist

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 21 Jul 2010
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