Meeting Notes for 30 Jun 2010

Present: Bob, Phong, Liz, Mihael, TomL
Absent: Marge, TomJ


  • More hardware coming
  • Job-size prioritization needs to be done (big-analyses should be deprioritized)
    • Prioritize performance studies?
  • Need to filter webalizer logs and remove AJAX hits
  • Global elab login replacing per-elab login?
  • Some branches/2.0 changes need to be merged into branches/1.3
  • Get a real CMS


  • 30 students, 10 teachers in a workshop on the second week of July
  • Idaho and South Dakota workshops went very well
  • Workshop post-mortem
    • Bob spread out investigations and analyses
  • Now going to show number of events per file
  • bug fixed and deployed and corrupt split files nuked from VDS and the filesystem
  • Need to update geometry
  • Probably could do some interactive charting for Cosmic charts - some of the plotting parameters could be client-side
  • Cache some results to speed up analyses


  • Awaiting the Jean's responses
  • Got a lot of feedback from the thinkalouds


  • Working on resolving the LIGO data feed issues with DMT channels

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 30 Jun 2010
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