Meeting Notes for 9 Jun 2010

Present: Marge, Phong, Liz, Mihael, TomL
Absent: Bob, TomJ


  • Dale had some notes about the use of the forum
  • Systems were overloaded with analyses last week - someone tried to run 5GB datasets.
    • Some of the cluster nodes ran out of drive space
      • Possibly should remove the GUI from the compute nodes - all those applications take up a couple gigabytes of space
    • Solution is more compute power.
      • May decommission some of the old nodes when we get new machines
    • Deprioritize large jobs?


  • We automatically delete old analyses after two weeks of inactivity now


  • Do we allow students to specify their own bin widths?
    • Yes - Mihael wants students to consciously select binning. No automagic selection when zooming in
    • Poses the question on what a bin is? What's good bin-width?
  • Milestones
    • Study documents to put together
    • Holding off on a fourth milestone
    • Try and make them less prescriptive?
  • Ken's screencasts in progress
  • Mihael needs ROOT and IG data
    • Ask Dave Barney for data? Bit of a crunch right now
    • Can we add after the due date?
  • Think-Aloud
  • Question on style of instruction? How much do we tell the student ahead of time / guide?
  • Remember, we have NSF-reviewer instructions


  • Super-Bluestone is functioning and saving plots.
    • Some caching issues ongoing with regard to the global min/max times, investigating
    • Look-and-feel integration in progress
      • Integrate with the LIGO L&F
      • Make the generated plots look something like the flot output
    • Hoping to get it merged into production codebase as a Bluestone v1 alternative for better testing
    • More IE testing

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 09 Jun 2010
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