Meeting Notes for 26 May 2010

Present: Phong, Liz, Mihael, TomJ, Bob, TomL
Absent: Marge


  • We've got a memory leak somewhere, Mihael is investigating


  • Workshops! Lots of them coming up
    • Bob is concerned about the system uptime
    • Phong'll try and be online during workshops
  • Geometry has some bugs in it, we're working on resolving them (and eventually rearchitecting it a bit)
  • Metadata updating on hold while I figure out a few things.


  • We can save plots (right now we only display the generated image on www13)
  • Need to tell Dale
  • Need to have Super-Bluestone be able to take parameters to 're-run' things.
  • Screencast tutorial?


  • Mihael is working on saving plots
  • Need more MC data? Mihael estimates ~20X as much
    • Will get from Dave Barry
  • Grab J/ψ and ε data from leptoquark
    • In a few days grab the new data
  • Need UI to be able to properly combine data
  • Eventually combine MC and rundata if there is a good pedagogical reason

  • 25 May Telecon
    • Needs: US Masterclass, Europe Masterclass, I2U2
    • Different requirements
    • Could have iSpy dump its scene graph and then render with JavaScript?
      • Faster in Chrome/Firefox/Safari/IE9, IE6-8 will be slower

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 26 May 2010
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