Meeting Notes for 12 May 2010

Present: Phong, Liz, Mihael, TomJ, Bob, TomL, DanK
Absent: Marge


  • www14 fell over, MCS powercycled it
  • End of schoolyear, in June there are a bunch of workshops


  • TomJ working on splitting possibly-corrupt data
    • Add a comment in the metadata (e.g. "This file was reprocessed on $DATE to address a postprocessing issue").
  • Upload issues
    • Fix deployed last weekend - we now write directly to NFS and rename rather than write to local storage and copy
  • Analysis issues
    • Tomcat ran out of RAM - possible leak? We'll take a look when we can.
    • Get a stack/heap dump next time
    • Run a quick performance study every couple hours and email on failure?
  • Helpdesk form issues
    • Should get a real trouble ticket system (Bugzilla, Trac, OSTicket, RT)


  • Tutorial needs to be written for Super-Bluestone
  • Screencast?


  • Screencasts to demonstrate events (e.g. LEP events for the masterclass.)
    • Show iSpy, Fireworks or Frog displays? Some sort of JavaScript selection?
    • 10-12 images, start with LEP then move to CMS. Let users get their feet wet.
  • Need to get Mihael's UI working with the ROOT backend.
    • The addition of signals in OGRE is nontrivial? DanK is working on it
      • Is this an issue for the people generating the MC data for us?
    • Trivial to split MC files? ROOT's data files are binary blogs - what does Doug mean?
      • Doug is referring to the config files that builds the ROOT files.
      • ROOT output? Another format?
    • Doug uses iEvent or CMSSW to generate files
    • From a science standpoint, randomly mix data (it'd look more like real data)
  • TomJ and DanK met with RandyR and KenC
    • Randy surprised about any 3D requirement
    • Still looking at tools/a solution to generate these images
    • Contact George @ Northeastern
  • Milestones - in progress/development

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 12 May 2010
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