Meeting Notes for 5 May 2010

Present: Phong, Liz, Mihael, Marge
Absent: TomJ, Bob, TomL

Action Items

  • Mihael, Phong, Liz send questions to Marge to forward to Lukas


  • We're facing upload issues with large files and timing out - we're testing a fix.


  • Super-Bluestone on hold while Phong deals with some major issues (next on list)


  • Question on the selecting individual runs?
  • Get a subset of the events? Someone needs to get data from individual runs (in rundata?)
  • Marge said we'd like to select data in a particular timerange (inside of a run)
    • Nowhere near implementing?
  • Get more simulated data?
  • Additional meetings with Lukas & co?
    • They think 0.5 FTE for two months can do what we need to have (alongside us)
    • Mihael'll speak with Lukas

  1. We need more MC data (and need to select)
  2. The event display issue (can pregenerate as needed)

  • We would like to be able to select a subset of events within the runs
    • Show there are differences in the data
    • Gives an activity for students and teachers to do and experiment

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 05 May 2010
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