Meeting Notes for 28 Apr 2010

Present: Phong, Bob, Liz, TomJ, TomL, Mihael, Marge


  • Looks like a server issue ate our 14 Apr notes frown, sad smile


  • New hardware planning in progress
    • Shiny new www18 (2x4x2.4GHz Intel E5620, 12GB, 2x500GB)
    • Shiny new virtualization server (1x8x2GHz AMD 6128, 16GB, 4x500GB)
      • Consolidate most/all the whitebox machines onto it
    • Do something with the donated 2x2x2.0GHz, 4GB AMD motherboard?


  • Weird upload issues (network timeouts? problems? &c) we're trying to trace. Issue appears to have cropped up in the last week or two.
  • corrupted data
    • 300 uploads are suspect and need to be re-uploaded and post-processed.
    • Metadata needs to be inserted
    • Old data that made it into the system - delete it?
    • Do we just split this job up into n people?


  • Student investigation: z→μ±μ±
    • Advanced-mode that permits students to bring in z→ee [PUT ON HOLD]
  • We'd like a histogram that builds data over time
  • Kids should be able to look at particular runs (e.g. data from week of 1 May, 4 Mar, etc.)
    • Can use simulated data until we get the actual rundata this fall
    • Can do mocked-up runs
  • Build the histogram versus show a fully completed one

  • One run/one week, build histogram event-by-event?
    • Can't do now
      • Mihael will look into this and do cost estimation
    • Can build run-by-run?
    • Maybe we just use existing Flash animations

  • Do half-width/full maximum (e.g. fitting method) [PUT ON HOLD]

  • DanK is busy with QuarkNet stuff until 10 May.
    • Mihael meets afterwards? Or maybe with L. Taylor until then.


  • Need to merge some fixed code in from Cosmic
  • Super-Bluestone sort of paused (working on Cosmic fires)

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 28 Apr 2010
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