Meeting Notes for 21 Apr 2010

Present: Phong, Bob, Liz, TomJ, TomL, Mihael
Absent: Marge

Action Items

  • Upload-breaking bug → rollback to 1.3.14


  • Nigel @ the CI generously donated a 4x2GHz Opteron / 4GB motherboard to us. We're figuring out what to do with it smile
  • Looks like the two old PATA drives for data3 that MCS gave us are dead or dying. Looks like we should buy a drive for ourselves.


  • The updated is misbehaving; we're investigating
    • The first line of every event is being nuked (each event is 1-4 lines).
  • Data blessing in progress (Gantt chart); working on verifying metadata import.


  • In progress - advanced mode shown here
    • GDS is not working, known issue
    • Slider is not working, that's a placeholder for later.


  • Mihael has an early prototype of an updated OGRE here
    • Preselect muons? (rename to μμ, ee, etc.)
    • Hide advanced by default - then show
    • 640x480 screen rest?
  • Education stuff

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 21 Apr 2010
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