Meeting Notes for 7 Apr 2010

Present: Phong, Bob, Liz, TomJ, TomL, Mihael
Absent: Marge


  • The boot HD on data3 is failing; ANL MCS is looking to see if they can scrounge a replacement (we might need to buy a new one)
  • Ubuntu 10.04b1 is looking pretty good so far.


  • CMS document
  • Mihael is rapid-prototyping new-OGRE-interface with minimum-level changes
    • For the studies we have considered, do we need all of the options? (see below)
  • New timeline/deadline?
  • OGRE development?
    • DanK working on safeguarding things in case of failure modes
    • Mass plots as function composition
    • Different requirements - CMS-proper vs. I2U2
    • Issues with source control
      • Big drops of code are hard to integrate
      • DanK has other requirements and probably does not want to be tied to I2U2
      • Move to a DVCS like git or hg? Branching and merging and rebasing are easy!
  • UI - we only need display elements for the specific studies
    • At the 'beginner' level, bypass some of those pieces? Hand them some stuff? Make it foolproof (even for a better fool)
    • TomL wants more power for more sophisticated users
    • z→(all charged leptops), z→ee, z→μμ, z→ττ, z→ee OR z→μμ
      • Beginner mode - only one box?
      • Advanced mores - the boolean constructor
  • Right now, the 'plot selection' phase also transforms/filters the data coming in from the data-selection page.

  • Students/teachers need to know: conservation rules (mass), a bit on the standard model, a bit about accelerators

  • We discussed adding fitting of the plot (Gaussian, Lorenzian, Breit-Wigner, depending on the quality of the data) and decided it was more than we wanted to do at this stage. We discussed using a polynomial background.

  • Tom J. brought up the possibility of measuring the lifetime of the Z with the same data. Randy nixed this.


  • Workshop last Monday (5 Apr) for home-schooled students
  • New-Bluestone appears to be working fairly well; adding more features to reach parity with legacy-Bluestone and make it more awesome.
    • Chart exporting needed (gCharts? local gnuplot? the whole world wonders)
    • Heavy testing under IE6-8, Chrome, Firefox, Safari ...


-- Main.PhongNguyen - 07 Apr 2010
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