Meeting Notes for 17 Mar 2010

Present: Phong, Bob, Mihael, Liz
Absent: TomL, TomJ, Marge

Action Items

  • Switch LIGO data pull cronjob (and processing) to be every night
  • Apache keeps dying on www13 - need to investigate
  • Move away from redirecting from Mihael's ANL-MCS home directory


  • We are running off of data2 once again
  • data3 is presently running, being tested with Ubuntu 10.04a3 and appears to be stable under load
  • Need PDUs set up so we can remote-powercycle the servers
  • Begin planning to migrate to Ubuntu 10.04 after release and stabilization (10.04.1?)
    • Minimize use of custom-compiled stuff where possible


  • Notification user tests?
    • Comments on posters, data, plots should get a notification à la Facebook.
    • Notification-on-response? Do we know who's commented on a poster/plot?
    • See: facebook
    • Need a source for some of the messages?
    • Envelope shows all messages in box - only show unread?
    • Autodelete after one year? Six months?


  • Data feed to LIGO has been restored now that data2 lives
  • Screenshots of engineering-prototype SUPER-BLUESTONE soon (after telecon!)



-- Main.PhongNguyen - 17 Mar 2010
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