Meeting Notes for 10 Mar 2010

Present: TomL, Phong, Bob, Mihael, Liz, TomJ
Absent: Marge

Action Items

  • Look for bogus data


  • We're going to migrate data from Argonne MCS' file server to data2 this weekend
  • data3 continues to be an adventure
    • Ubuntu 8.04's kernel doesn't appear to be playing nice with the SATA HBA in data3 (hard crash under load).
    • MCS is experimenting with Ubuntu 9.10 or 10.04a.
    • Phong may go to ANL on Friday to help if needed.


  • Mihael has a notification framework up on www13
  • Phong has cleaned up logbook SQL


  • DAQ ID/SN verification needed
  • Some uploaded data has bad detector-id metadata
  • Need a way to rename files


  • Super-Bluestone in progress


  • OGRE needs expansion for what we need; he's trying to get it by the end of the month.
    • Some DB changes
    • UI updates
  • Parameters and such are presently unspecified
  • Look-and-feel work can go forward (according to DanK)

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 10 Mar 2010
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