Meeting Notes for 3 Mar 2010

Present: TomL, Phong, Bob, Mihael, Liz, TomJ
Absent: Marge


  • IBM came out and fixed; we are still running off Argonne MCS for the moment.
  • Our new-old server will be turned on tomorrow.
  • Mihael has started work on the notification framework


  • Need common db for QuarkNet/detectors/elab users/etc.
  • Get a tasklist/timeline for Cosmic data blessing (TomJ?)


  • Workshop on 6 March.
  • Super-Bluestone in progress, awaiting new data server
  • Data updates should be nightly
  • Need to get more users
    • Tie into Einstein@home?
    • Inset a map of current earthquakes?
  • Why are we doing seismic data?


  • TomJ is working various content pieces for CMS

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 03 Mar 2010
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