Meeting Notes for 24 Feb 2010

Present: Phong, Mihael, Liz, TomJ, TomL, Bob
Absent: Marge


  • Matt Bellis (on SLAC's BaBar) came to meet with us on the 23rd.
    • Discussed various visualization tools
    • Four-vectors to teach particle physics
    • his home page
  • Database schema needs some work (primary/foreign key relationships, constraints, corrupted data)
  • File layout is iffy (what if a research group moves schools? teacher moves school?)


  • IBM is getting data2 back into proper shape (replacement backplane, replacement 750GB HD)
  • Argonne MCS has very kindly provided temporary space while our data server had downtime.
  • The Argonne MCS Futures Lab has graciously donated an old data server (nietzsche) to us. Parts are en route.
  • Upshot: data1 will have a 3.75TB RAID-5 array (6x750GB) and nietzsche will have a 8TB RAID-6 array (6x2TB).
    • Cosmic data will stay on data1
    • CMS and LIGO data will be on nietzsche
  • Future Growth: We'll have six drive bays remaining (we'll need a controller card to drive them) if we need more storage


  • Blessing meeting last week, see the notes.


  • In progress
  • The ability to see an entire year's worth of data is super-nifty
  • Weird bias changes in the data become apparent (known to LIGO)
  • Workshops on 6 March and 27 March (homeschool students)
    • Technical staff aims to get a rough prototype done by the 6th for Tom to show and something usable by the 27th.


  • LOs and milestones have feedback from Jean

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 24 Feb 2010
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