Meeting Notes for 18 Feb 2010

Present: Phong, Mihael, Liz, Bob, Tom

Ideal Goal

  • Beginning of next academic year

Task List

  • User documentation
    • Web pages for UI instructions and background
  • Database stuff
    • Learner mode
    • Rights vs roles
  • Updating geometry
    • Union of existing file geometry data + metadata
    • For 6000: We can get threshold levels + coincidence
    • For 5000: User has to input threshold levels
    • On new geometry creation, preload from last known geo?
  • Update perl
    • needs to draw the extra stuff
  • SWIFT magic
    • Update performance + interface
  • Upload interface
    • Automagic blessing
  • Post-upload metadata comparison (automatic blessing)
    • Handle blessed state
    • Handle problem files
  • Automatically bless past files?
  • Interface for teacher to change learner mode
  • Performance study
    • Needs to be able to select multiple files
    • Compare against golden file
    • Accept default parameters
    • Bless the file
    • Accept file as golden
  • Messaging system
  • Search pages
    • Show/not-show blessed data (transitional period)

Misc Issues

  • Update metadata handling


  • Right now, only splits on a 24-hour clock
  • New version will pull out all the metadata into a .bless file
  • Create plots of the .bless files?

  • Golden file tagging: where do users tag it? Data-search interface, performance study, et. cetera?
    1. User uploads file
    2. User runs performance study
    3. User can mark file as golden

  • Geometry needs to be expanded to detector configuration
    • "Geometry" button -> "Geometry/Config" button
    • Trigger configuration added
    • Show that change explicitly (put at top of existing? Don't show geo until trigger is set)?
    • People want to see all the parameters of a detector configuration (geometry, logical settings, threshold, etc.)

  • Performance
    • Adding many more parameters to the chart.

  • Data search/analysis
    • Branch so there's a 'default analysis settings' button

  • Unblessed data doesn't get shown to the world (later)

  • Messaging infrastructure is needed.
    • Look at commenting infrastructure?

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 18 Feb 2010
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