Meeting Notes for 3 Feb 2010

Present: TomL, Phong, Bob, Mihael, Liz, TomJ
Absent: Marge


  • Data server upgrade planned for 15 Feb
    • We'll put up a news item
  • Email synchronization between wiki, forum and e-Lab remains an issue. What if a user changes an email address?


  • LIGO eLab will be presented at a conference tomorrow
  • Mihael has made major progress on our new LIGO data server layer.
  • Screencasts and google maps are embedded.
    • Present stuff is proof-of-concept stuff (could be replaced by a link)


  • Query on event displays from the head honchos
  • Right now planning on showing representative displays (static images)
  • DanK working more on the CMS software
  • Event viewer software use cases/wishlist
    • Web-based interface?
      • Giant pain in the butt
    • Non-interactive server mode?
      • Fireworks in batch mode and dump images (or a video)
  • Why? - get to know the geometry of the detector, be nice to pick their own events and such. Why do events look similar/different?


  • We need a canonical source for email addresses. Mailing list? Some other db?

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 03 Feb 2010
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