Meeting Notes for 27 January 2010

Present: TomL, Phong, Bob, Mihael, Liz, TomJ
Absent: Marge

Action Items

  • CMS Task List
  • LIGO Task List
  • Ensure TomL and DanK are on QuarkNetGrid


  • Give teachers multiple schools?


  • Questions about event displays - E&O working on it.
    • CC DanK and TomL about this?
  • Education meeting next week; draft of LOs and Milestones floating back-and-forth
  • DanK is all quiet on the OGRE front


  • Data feed looks good; Mihael is working on a data-access layer + Phong working on the UI
  • The "new" stream has Hanford and Livingston data.
    • Talk to the WI guy when we're done?


  • We have > 25000 data files now; upload rate appears to be rising with the new semester.
  • 1.3.11 rollout last week; TRUNK code still in testing.
  • I am backporting UI updates from TRUNK code into BRANCHES/1.3 for this Friday's rollout.
  • Data blessing in progress
  • Bob telling users to include ST lines; having some issues with the email list
  • How do we keep email lists up to date?
    • Use a listserv?
    • Require people to log-in once a year and update their data?
    • Four sets of users
      • Detector-users, eLab users. Each split into QuarkNet/non-QuarkNet.
    • For QN users, need to be able to cross that with the list of all QN people
    • Bob would like to avoid maintaining the giant list
    • Main issue are the QuarkNet people who apparently are not using the detector or the eLab. Need to contact.

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 27 Jan 2010
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