Meeting Notes for 16 September 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, TomL, Mihael, Dan
Absent: Marge, Eric, TomJ, Bob


  • SWIFT has money for maintenance work
  • Get more grid power - not just a grid of one (cluster)
  • Tuesday, Mihael+Phong meet on 22 September at ND (arrive 11-12 Eastern Time)


  • Mihael is playing with a computer tool for the cosmic ray detector: (Image)


  • Bluestone has SWIFTification code but is presently used.


  • OGRE - what's the plan for grid infrastructure
    • We build a specific file structure, pick off the existing dimuon triggers
    • We are likely going to use a Tier 2 center for the CMS data
    • Right now the system runs only on one CPU
  • Main ROOT cost is parsing the data (not reading it in!). Several seconds per file.
    • Test-beam data is ~80 files but not usually used in max.
    • Splitting files? Might lead to serious duplication.
  • Plot <-> e-Lab bridge needs to be implemented in OGRE
  • Non-viewable (in browser) image types
  • Data needs to be controlled by someone at CMS
    • Implicit in the skimming?
    • In case there is an issue - we need to be able to pull and regenerate data.
      • What do we do with existing plots and posters?
      • Timestamp them?
      • Notification when data has changed?
      • Changelogs - insert into plot metadata?
    • Question - are we going to let the users discover nifty things - but also restrict them from the good data?

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 16 Sep 2009
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