Meeting Notes for 9 December 2009

Present: Phong, TomJ, Liz, Marge, Mihael, Bob, TomL, LauraM, DaveR


  • ELabs servers cannot send email; Argonne shut down the old SMTP server. We have an MCS helpdesk ticket open
  • ANL has nagios - we should set up monitoring of postfix
  • Add Phong to the mailing list
  • Discussion on whether to allow students to directly access out helpdesk
    • Bob thinks things are pretty good now
    • Mihael calls teachers 'Tier 1' and Bob's helpdesk 'Tier2'.


  • Dave Ritchie and Laura Mengel are in the communications group of the Computing Division
  • How can we use OSG resources that exist at Fermilab? OSG would like to bring benefits of the grid.
  • OSG vs. TeraGrid
    • OSG requires a fairly OSG-specific stack compared to TeraGrid, etc.
  • Certificate issues
    • Presently requires each user to have a unique certificate
    • ELabs does not want to put a certificate on user machines due to usability, security lockdown, etc.
    • Nanowire uses a pool of certificates that can be automatically lent to a logged-in user and then returned on logout
    • Other solutions? Portal itself has a "community" portal or we use some sort of proxy.
  • We need to get usability up (production-quality) in the context of limited-time for students
    • Queuing issues - if we send 5-10 minute jobs they can't be prioritized
  • Why gridify?
    • We would get more resources
  • Have students ask the questions "where do we want to run?"

More Iron?

  • Get some OSG/TeraGrid nodes dedicated to us in the short-term (cloud-compute versus grid).


  • For looking at the physics, presently running OGRE at ND.
  • New physics - looking at where events take place (and MC data has a 300 ┬Ám x-axis offset)
  • Look at the momentum/energy study



-- Main.PhongNguyen - 09 Dec 2009
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