Meeting Notes for 25 November 2009

Present: Phong, TomJ, Liz, Marge, Mihael, TomL
Absent: Bob


  • Dave Barney is a short circuit to CMS decisions (head of CMS Outreach)
    • Randy and Dan are ahead of the pack
    • The 'pack' might come up with things in the middle of the dev process
  • EPPOG doesn't know what physics they're going to provide data for
    • Know they can provide data through histograms and event displays
    • Don't know anything else right now
  • Targeting using OGRE + Fireworks together
  • OGRE is being handed off to ELabs on 1 December
    • Mihael + Phong need to come up with a plan and timeframe
    • We need major flexibility since we don't have a spec and it is changing (software engineering nightmare)

  • Z->ee project idea coming up
    • Needs some stuff added to OGRE to do (should be straightforward with the XML definitions)

  • Needs assessment is required for our stuff, lots of talk and feedback.

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 25 Nov 2009
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