Meeting Notes for 23 September 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, TomL, Mihael, Bob, TomJ, Marge
Absent: Eric


  • Advisory Board Meeting on 24 October
  • Need either data blessing completed or a set of blessed data files
  • Follow-up with implementation plans?


  • Beta due by 1 November
  • Mihael and Phong went to ND on 22 September; Notes
  • Header (and image) will be revamped to make it a lot smaller
  • Test Beam and Monte Carlo are intended to have very similar pre/post-tests - ideally the same
  • LOs and milestones need to be reviewed
  • More UI/look-and-feel discussion?


  • Mihael wrote a brief paper on PMT noise
    • TomJ suggests doing empirical studies to confirm our a priori estimation
  • Continued work into a speedier method for plateauing the PMTs.
    • Write a web interface? Do a binary search
    • Have a bunch of random CI people test Mihael's method
  • Error bar issue (Bug 343) seems identified by Evgeni
  • Data blessing design doc will be out this week; TomJ, Mihael and Phong will get a dev timeline

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 23 Sep 2009
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