Meeting Notes for 9 September 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, TomL, Bob, Mihael
Absent: Marge, Eric, TomJ


  • Marge sent a list of notes of Things That Need To Be Fixed
    • Still having issues where with the e-Lab/forum integration. Account creation is apparently a bit painful.
    • Auto-account creation?
  • Bob is concerned about users: they don't like change
  • Rollovers could be handled a bit better - Phong looking into this
  • TomL suggests per-milestone rubrics and discussion questions for milestones
  • www18 ran out of space on Friday; we kinda of need a cron job to clean it out every so often
  • Moved a bunch of junk out of /nfs on www18 onto data2 and symlinked them to get a bunch of space freed up
  • Mihael and Phong discussing if we get new hardware - what to with it?
  • Phong is trying to do security hardening and cleanup, and cleaning the database a bit.


  • 1 November Due Date
  • OGRE? How to integrate with the e-Lab?
  • The present OGRE tutorial is more like a background primary
  • Look over the milestones more?
  • TomL working on the Monte Carlo/Run Data milestones
  • Liz getting CMS-Test Beam to look like existing Cosmic/LIGO pages


  • Dale liked Mihael's magic AJAX interface to LIGO data
    • So does everyone else?


  • TomJ seems to be working on data blessing code
  • Mihael working on improved time estimation for analyses and such
    • Gather statistics and then do a curve fit to do time estimates

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 09 Sep 2009
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