Meeting Notes for 01 Jul 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, Bob, Eric, TomL
Absent: Marge, Mihael, TomJ


  • Process questions for the e-Lab tests are apparently problematic.
  • Posters have HTML write access? Need to scrub the data to protect our users.
    • LIGO posters might need access outside the e-Lab.
    • No JavaScript.
  • Should guests be able to create posters?
    • Only make temporary ones (do not commit to disk)
    • Don't allow at all
    • Scrub out and any all HTML.
  • Monitoring/moderating tool for teachers/users?
    • Approve poster for world visibility?


  • Was missing a page to create a school affiliation. "Add this later..." added as an option.
  • No way to change account preferences in the forum - should be addressed.
  • Upper-right, say name, avatar, logout button, etc.


  • Odd metadata problem in which resource forks are being sent (we think) and confusing the system. Mihael and I are investigating.
  • FL, OR, ID ran workshops on the new Cosmic. Seems to work well.


  • Machine at CalTech setup with access to the LIGO data archive. Generating new frames.
  • LIGO has a new frame format, we need to rebuild the software to handle the new frames.
  • Elizabeth and Jean have the test questions awaiting review, TomL awaiting response.
  • Beta pre/post-test will be generated for testing of LIGO.


  • Learner outcomes, milestones, etc. has progress written on it
  • OGRE has changes.

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 01 Jul 2009
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