Meeting Notes for 10 Jun 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, Marge, Eric, TomL
Absent: TomJ, Bob, Mihael


  • What is required before the first-year-test:
    • The e-Lab that's been through the peer review and corrected (mostly done)
    • Workshop version w/ the goals (in progress?)
    • Teachers have to use this and the experience from the workshop
  • Rollout process
    1. Push to www13 for development tests
    2. Push to www12 for pre-production push
    3. Push to www18 for production


  • Seamless authentication is working
  • Name of the forums?
  • By default, hide any threads older than a year old?
    • Maybe hold off and watch how this works.

  • After the push, copy the production database to development.
  • Change the forum link IDs.

  • 'Add Activities' page in the Wiki is a prototype to do form-based wiki page inclusion.
  • Insert accessor methods for forum association.


  • Check rollover functionality a bit.


  • We must get this into production by 1 August for our workshops.
  • Peer review probably should be done
  • Look-and-feel needs to be consistent over the e-Labs and within LIGO
    • Teacher pages are mostly done
    • Student pages need some work
  • Look at www13 to see LIGO tutorial, etc. updates.



-- Main.PhongNguyen - 10 Jun 2009
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