Meeting Notes for 03 Jun 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, Eric, Mihael, TomL, Bob
Absent: Marge, Mihael, TomJ


  • For next week, users write emails to Bob, forward to TomL, we put in manually
  • Wiki/forum stuff later when we've properly tested the new things


  • Bob will be doing workshops for two weeks

  • How do we prevent new users from being confused in the wiki (vs. experienced or advanced users)
  • New users can only see one forum ( no confusion with multiple forums )

  • Lots of old material in some forums; maybe display only the last year?
  • Forum search needs to be improved to search on a per-forum basis.

  • SSL Certificate issues (not wildcard domain cert, needs to be resolved)


  • Plan
  1. Rollout to www15=/=www16 for alpha test
  2. Rollout to www13 for beta test
  3. Rollout to www12 for release candidate test.


  • Rollovers being integrated, testing in Firefox, IE6-8, Opera, Safari ...
  • For beta testing, add in a "there's a problem" link at the bottom of pages?



-- Main.PhongNguyen - 03 Jun 2009
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