Meeting Notes for 06 May 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, Eric, TomL, TomJ, Mihael, Bob
Absent: Marge


  • Community stuff is being implemented as per Marge's spec
  • Upload file size limit is browser dependent (2GB for IE/Firefox 32-bit, 4GB for Safari)

  • Storage: Only keep a week's worth of data? Should free up several hundred GB.

  • Session dies too early. Try 2 hours?
  • Login is supposed to passthrough form submission data

  • Pop-up issue. Modal div? Popover?

  • Logbook initial size may be too large.
    • Comic Sans should go away
    • Deal with font sizes in a proper way (no more hardcoding)
    • Cleanup the logbook design?


  • Nobody's taking the new pre/post-test right now.
    • Do we need a prize?
    • Process questions - 5/13 of them have issues
      • Bifurcate the QuarkNet/ELabs tests?
      • TomL will seed out the proposed revisions
      • Jeanne might have to weight in

  • TomJ used to be able to re-run scripts with VDS, would like to do so for SWIFT
    • Mihael's working on a way to do so.

  • Poster editing ate data?
    • Needs to be reproduced in a control environment
    • Hunt down and defeat this bug

  • Clean up the CSS for the header (Eric/Phong)


  • Bluestone is learning how to re-login as needed.


-- Main.PhongNguyen - 06 May 2009
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