Meeting Notes for 22 April 2009

Present: Liz, Phong, Eric, TomL, TomJ, Marge, Dan
Absent: Bob, Mihael


  • BRANCH/1.1 was merged into TRUNK
  • Need to check over some of the SQL - Bob experienced a bug in his workshop. Newer Postgres releases may be stricter?

  • Metadata search
    • Comments
    • Custom tagging
    • More flexible searching?

  • Retain as much as we can power as we can for the simple interface


  • OGRE
  • A screencast of the OGRE discussion
  • A whole lot of JavaScript (should work in all browsers back to IE 5.5)
  • Fallback to ancient computers (IE 5.0)
  • Architecturally similar to iGoogle but custom-written.
  • Different window modes; can't really use drop-down because there are a lot of parameters.
  • Good tool for teaching logic?
    • Put it in the teacher guide

  • Marge suggests getting feedback from persons knowledgeable about instructional design
  • Warning about the possible need to radically the UI
  • Start up conversation with Jean, Elizabeth earlier for initial feedback?

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 22 Apr 2009
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