Meeting Notes for 18 March 2009

Present: Liz, Marge, Phong, TomL, Eric, Mihael
Absent: TomJ, Bob

Action Items

  • Mihael branches from TRUNK soon, test on www12, 17


  • New pre/post-test infrastructure is ready, awaiting go/no-go for push from TRUNK into BRANCH/1.0
  • Push execution modes to production?

Multilevel Investigations (CMS)

  • 1:1 Mapping between LOs, milestones, etc.
  • MC & Rundata = same elab
    • References made to a standalone test-beam elab for a limited investigation.
  • OGRE has four different investigation levels (like Bluestone's three) for more or less sophisticated analyses.
  • Might want to have a single project page from CMS referencing the two separate CMS elabs.


  • Eric got in contact w/ CalTech.


  • How long between branch releases?
  • Major feature changes = branching
  • Release early, often - assuming things work and are stable (pass tests, &c)


  • Percent done, dependancies can generate a Gantt chart in Google Docs

Development Protocol

  • www13 is used only for testing
    • Send a message that a rollout is imminent?
    • Some people accidentally nuked some in-place data.
  • Eric is using www15 so he can do in-place updates
  • Send a message before we do a rollout on www13?


  • In-saeng Suh@ Notre Dame Center for Research Computing might be a place to host a mirror or failover site away from ANL.
  • TomJ might have an offer from Florida
  • Need hardware
  • Need software effort (nontrivial)
  • TomL suggests a one-page technical proposal for what might be needed

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 18 Mar 2009
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