Meeting Notes for 11 March 2009

Present: Liz, Marge, Eric, Bob, TomJ, TomL, Phong
Absent: Mihael

Action Items

  • Someone needs to tell Marge what to tell the reviewers next Monday

UI Peer Review/Feedback Test Next Week

  • Jeanne, Jenny, Dale, Nate
  • This cannot be delayed any longer
  • Teacher updates first, student pages second
  • List what can be tested / not-tested
    • New execution mode decision has to be made ASAP
      • Bob has signed off on UI
      • Fine to be tested for peer-review, even if it's nonfunctional (UI is paramount in this test)
  • Put in TRUNK code on www12 or www17 for this testing so we can display new features?
  • Have a reviewer act as a teacher, register students, then log in as a student and go through the process flow.

Future Peer Reviews

  • Do small incremental tests
  • Do big test upon a major release.


  • Pre/post-test nearly done - Phong is attempting to break his implementation
  • Teacher Pages → Classroom notes could be moved to the wiki, add link to the community
    • Marge wants one link to go to somewhere in the forum or library (and the target page must look like a normal teacher page)
  • TomJ and Bob will be going to SEA next week to work on blessing issues
  • Bob is concerned about lots of small random issues appearing on Production.
    • Bob says it was working better and more stable last Summer - how can we get back to that?


  • Task 2.3.7 has a lot of work done on it
  • Task 2.3.9 is done (Bluestone-on-ANL)


-- Main.PhongNguyen - 11 Mar 2009
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