Meeting Notes for 25 February 2008

Present: Liz, Marge, Phong, Bob,, TomL
Absent: Mihael, Eric, TomJ

Action Items

  • Phong will send out an email to find a good time to do a load test.


  • Bob is working on the workshop goals

Execution Controls

  • TomL did execution control testing
  • Grid execution estimates failed (but Teraport was down)
  • Ready for prime-time?
    • Sometimes the estimates are off badly
    • Bob thinks they're useful
    • TomL wants a bit more time to test them.

Load Test - Delayed

  • Use SWIFT-Local
  • Need hard numbers
  • Mihael needed?
  • Do some before/after hard numbers
  • We need to use files that have never been thresholded (very old, very recent).
    • At the moment, SWIFT always thresholds on analyses.
  • Bob suggests that each person takes an aspect
    • Flux
    • Lifetime
    • Shower
    • Upload
  • TomJ would be welcome for testing as well.

NSF Metrics

  • Numbers
    • Files upload
    • Plots saved
    • Posters generated

Data Blessing

  • TomJ and Bob are going to Seattle to discuss an automated blessing approach and get the criteria
  • Let students decide blessed/not-blessed, but after some time period, do an automated blessing
  • Possible "purgatory" for data
  • A low-level basic blessing approach has been generated, a high-level detailed approach has been proposed


  • Users are not reading anything

Peer Review

  • Candidate: Nate Unterman


  • Dale and TomL have met and revised the rubrics and LOs
    • Also wrote some questions for the content LOs
    • Pre/post-test development in progress.
  • Went through the CMS test-beam stuff


  • SSL fix is in TRUNK but Mihael does not want to deploy to production due to testing
  • Thresholding has to be done all the time for SWIFT - blocker?
  • He may be able to get in the upload issue in not too much time

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 25 Feb 2009
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