Meeting Notes for 18 February 2008

Present: Liz, Marge, Phong, Bob, Eric, Mihael, TomL

Action Item

  • Liz, Phong, Eric - get metadata integration done.
  • Liz's top ten observations to TomL

Marge's Concerns

  • Reports needed by Tuesday night!
    • Dale, Dan, TomL and Phong didn't sent in the weekly status report.
  • How long to clean up LO and milestone issues (2.3.3)?
  • New pretest/posttest - when?
  • Which tests are being pushed out?
  • It ain't done until it's in tested, working and in production.

Beta Deadlines

  • Cosmic: Week of 9 March
    • Pre/posttest, execution controls, tutorials must be done.
    • Serious concerns that some teachers are starting now -> losing teachers for the beta.
  • LIGO: Week of 30 March


  • How do we manage to keep the assembly line rolling?
    • The one giant SVN repository may be holding back elements
    • LIGO/Bluestone's push may be blocked by Cosmic code right now.
  • Rollout on www12 first, then www18.


  • New execution controls need testing.
    • Bob thinks they look okay in his cursory testing
    • More testing.
  • Decide between bugfixing and the critical 9 March features.
  • Pre-/post-test, Phong is finalizing old bugfixes and prioritizing getting this done.


  • Branch before/after SWIFT-Bluestone (1.1, 1.2, &c)?
  • Tutorial is being worked on.
    • Embedded into the wiki.
  • Phong - look at the Apache Commons-HTTP package to get integration started up.


  • Dan has been asked to get some of the results with ROOT instead of OGRE.
  • Need to go through the full testing/production process.

Future eLabs

  • IceCube is interested.
  • Concern that NSF will look at an incomplete and/or beta project and be unhappy.

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 18 Feb 2009
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