Meeting Notes for 04 February 2008

Present: Marge, Bob, Phong, Liz, TomL, TomJ, Eric
Absent: Mihael

Action Items

  • Get a task list item and estimate for updating the tutorials
  • Eric: Evaluation forum for evaluators + developers


  • Current tutorials are out of date
  • There are some tools that will produce screencasts for the tutorial.
  • Eric suggests:
    • have a knowledgeable student should do the tutorial?
    • use this tool to record the Think-Alouds
  • Bob says: this is an enhancement, probably should be implemented after this development cycle

Marge's Concerns

  • Bob, TomJ get in touch with Mihael's progress on Swift parallelization
  • Eric's email-helpdesk merger and transition is in progress
  • Bluestone-on-ANL. Eric says it's close to being done & Dale needs to test it.
  • TomL needs to check with Dale for LIGO's stuff.
  • Extra time may be needed for CMS' MC and TB studies (+1 week).
  • Eric is concerned about the task numbers still.
  • If no progress has been made on a task number, please don't put it in the weekly status report.

General discussion

  • One of cosmic's perl scripts have been changes
  • Minor changes and bugfixes go into BRANCHES/1.0 and TRUNK, major changes only into TRUNK
  • We should branch off TRUNK into something like BRANCHES/1.1 at some point. (Waiting on Mihael's fixes?)
  • Policy on emergency bug fixing
  • Eric wants read access to the databases to learn it
  • Phong is starting up development on alternate assessments.

Test routines

  • Regression testing
  • Unit testing
  • It would take a lot of time.
  • Eric suggests
    • Going forward, write tests when we fix bugs.
    • www13 will be for TRUNK
    • www18 will be for BRANCH/n (current)
    • www12 will be for BRANCH/n+1 (next release)


  • Students might concentrate on one area and miss some things for the pre-/post-test
  • Some sort of survey the teacher fills out about how he or she feels how the students are learning
    • Jean is investigating this a bit.
  • Set up a forum discussion on evaluation

Multiple-level e-Lab

  • Set up separate elabs for each major experiment?
  • For the LIGO-magnetometer study, assume the students have done the seismometer study already?
  • For CMS, might be easy to clone the elabs since the studies are so similar between TB and MC.
  • Take notes on the whole process of these multi-level elabs
    • Differences: prior knowledge, references, learner outcomes

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 04 Feb 2009
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