Meeting Notes for 28 January 2008

Present: Marge, Bob, Phong, TomL, TomJ, Mihael, Eric
Absent: Liz (Hello!)

Action Items

  • Mihael switches priority to parallelization of Cosmic
  • Put Phong on the ELabs help mailing list

TAP Requirements

  • Mihael can put guesstimate numbers for time estimation
  • UI needs to be hammered down for choosing the execution (Tom, Tom, Dale, Bob)
    • LIGO has something in Bluestone for this - as a possible example
    • Put estimates into existing look-and-feel
    • Mihael has implemented some of this on his local machine, will push to DEV
      • Shows time estimates
      • Shows actual time-to-run
  • Bob will be concentrating on Cosmic right now.
  • LIGO's and Cosmic's designs can be tried out in the TAP and we can feed
  • Bob would prefer using PROD for each TAP
    • TAP next Wednesday (4 Feb), the W after (11 Feb)
    • Eric suggests writing down the version number
    • Phong will backport bug fixes


  • Decide when we switch over Cosmic to the TRUNK build
    • Major testing will be needed (esp. related to Swift)
    • Before the third think-aloud?

Prior business

  • Mihael hasn't had time to investigate modifying the Gantt chart
  • Eric has specific breakdowns of his tasks
  • Eric has altered the posting script so the name and email addresses for the helpdesk are masked from bots and the public
    • Mihael is investigating alternatives
    • Bob needs to know the specific helpdesk request requester
  • Continue discussion on the computing LO via email


  • Old DAQs and GPS antenna are off by 0.5 ┬Ás compared to new DAQs and GPS antenna
  • Only an issue when comparing data from an old DAQ and from a new DAQ
  • Engineers are investigating the issue in detail


  • We have a spare 300GB HD, we can use it as a common directory
    • Allows for a unified home directory
    • It would change how the portal is deployed
    • Could just keep things the way they are until post-June or the next hardware cycle
  • Eric's looking at inserting the forum, etc. into SVN
    • Teleconference to be scheduled

-- Main.PhongNguyen - 28 Jan 2009
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