Meeting Notes for 3 December 2008

Present: Mihael, Eric, Liz, Tom J. , Bob
Absent: Mike W., Randy, Kris, Joao, Tom L. , Dan K

Eric's Security Problems

Someone got one of Eric's SSH keys, and tried to use it to get into Argonne. Eric had the Argonne machines set up to only allow all keys (except laptop) from a specific IP address, so the intruder did not get in at Argonne, but it did trip an alarm which resulted in him being locked out of his Argonne account. He's changed his keys and his account is now unlocked.

Craig Stacey of MCS Systems suggested to Eric that system logs could be spooled over to the Argonne system admin's monitoring machine. Eric also says a program called TripWire could be used to take fingerprints of files. He used a similar facility in the Red Hat package manager (rpm), but it's not as robust, and we can't use it on the cluster anyway because we don't have Red Hat. Restrict the ip address in ssh key. Red Hat could use packet manager, but we can't use that on the cluster because we don't use Red Hat. Most work by Eric is on www10. Tom J. can log on fine but Bob is experiencing some issues.

Action Item: Eric should contact Rick Bradshaw about system logs, and to discuss the possibility of using TripWire on our machines.

Argonne Machine Upgrades

Mihael: Machine upgrades will happen on Monday and Tuesday. Upgrading everything except www10.

New QuarkNet Site in Development

Eric Myers has been working on www10 to build a new site for all of the QuarkNet content including wikis and forums. He registered and He noted that is already registered. It actually would be the preferred URL.

Action item: Liz will contact Phil DeMar about who registered

One stop shopping. He gets a lot of content from the quarknet site. .shtml -> mashup; this includes getting content from; Liz needs to test that using Lasso pages in a Mashup will work, especially when updating talks, activities, etc. in the databases.

We need to have people from schools test this. CI Wiki – page under Quarknet e-Lab.

Maybe we should try to own the trademark for QuarkNet - FRA, FFSE or Notre Dame could own it; Fermilab can’t.

Eric said the implementation is a quick solution, but maybe Moodle or Sakai would be a better solution if we had more time.

We will have to decide how to handle the site because you could get in a loop if you redirected to

The QuarkNet meeting on Feb. 17th might be a good day for Eric to come and explain what he has done and the options for development.

Priorities for e-Labs

In preparation for Phong's joining our group, we came up with a list of priorities, not necessarily in order.


  • We need to settle on the Technology learner outcome
  • Literacy Outcome – Eric would like to see this refined; logbook, progress report, tell others at end require different types of writing. Liz suggested that this probably does not come under the purview of the people who participate in this telecon.

Action Item: Liz will ask Jean her opinion Technology

Action Item: Eric will talk to TomL about Literacy LO.


  • Roll-out of newest version of Bluestone – will include plotting more than one channel at a time. Multiple transformations.
  • Getting an analysis to run on Teraport. Interface will want to get the plot back to Bluestone. Run it through SWIFT. Bluestone as a proxy to run the job. We discussed the possibility of converting Bluestone to jsp; Bluestone steps you through it. Eric does not want to rerun it in jsp. Mihael pointed out there is huge difference between Bluestone and OGRE. The amount of code in OGRE is not the same. It is significantly less code. Dan converted it from php to jsp. It may be best to stick to php for Bluestone.
  • Dale made a number of changes to the e-Lab site. Mihael needs to put those changes in.
  • Pretest/Posttest –Tom and Dale need to complete them.
  • Saving Plots needs to include saving metadata.
  • Move the data collection service from Hanford to Caltech.


  • Testing Suite needs completion.
  • Grid execution location and status
  • Execution on OSG
  • Management tool for teachers – to remove student groups.
  • Mirror of the e-Lab servers
  • Geometry Input needs to confirm
  • Pretest/Posttest – needs to be finalized
  • Data search on wildcards
  • Interface Enhancement – use a map within a certain radius.

Liz also mentioned blessing the data as a high priority, but Bob did not include this because he was thinking in terms of what Phong might work on. Another desirable enhancement would be plotting other time-dependent data against flux. This would also require uploading the time-dependent datasets.

Technology – Mihael

  • Getting jobs running on the grid – OSG; Can we do it with SWIFT?

Specific Items for Phong

  • Setting up accounts; adding him to the mailing list
  • Reading Materials: Proposal, Draft Report, CLAG paper, the Wiki
  • A simple task - Get rid of Office of Science logo from project and home pages. Liz suggested this would require him getting SVN working, becoming familiar with the function of each machine and how to deploy.
  • Phong should document in the CI Wiki things that have not been documented.CI Wiki accounts is in the CI Wiki. He will need to get an account to edit it.

It is going to take a few months for Phong to get an idea of what is going on.

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