Present: Mihael, Eric, Liz, Tom J., Bob
Absent: Mike W., Randy, Kris, Joao, Dan K., Tom L.


This week a security breech at Argonne has made it so that we all had to get a new SSH key and install it. Everyone should change their password as well.


Nothing happened this week, probably because the system guys at Argonne were busy putting out the fire.

IT Job:

We discussed how we could find a new person. Mihael feels that Fermilab HR does not work and the only reasonable people came from connections we had. We need to network and let universities know. He feels that the job title "Web Developer" is not appropriate; this is a software position. Monster.Com gives us only a certain type.

We discussed putting the job on Hidden Network, which is associated with The Daily WTF. Mihael thought it cost $150 . See

Liz will investigate whether we can do this with Marge and Jeff Artel.

Other suggested actions:

  • Eric is going to post to Facebook; Eric will ask his wife about putting something up a Vassar.
  • Tom will try to do something at Florida.
  • Joao should be asked to send things out. Tom J. will ask Kris.
  • Other possibilities: Mentors at University – Tom will send a message to ask them to post it.
  • Eric will post it to the news at Pirates at Home.

For now we don't want to lower our expectations.

Wiki content

Liz asked Eric whether the method he uses for putting milestones in skin from wiki looks like it is coming from a wiki. He says no. The page comes from our server, it just gets the body of the page from the wiki. RIght now it actually gets it from a separate file, which was extracted from the wiki using the "body" skin, which just gives the body of the page without wiki decorations. It should be possible to get the body from the wiki dynamically, but Eric doesn't know how to do that in JSP yet. The main point is, to the end user it just looks like a web page served from our server, and there is no indication the content was stored in a wiki. The wiki is just a backend for content, like a database. The "body" skin is just a simple way to extract the content from the database.

Blocked domain?

Eric wondered if school's not allowing wiki content is a policy or are they really blocking it. If so, how? Bob said that some of his teaching fellows could only access the Fellows Library wiki at home, not at school. That suggests that the school blocks Or perhaps all of .org?

Would we want to make it You have to be a degree granting organization to use ".edu" (see here for details) Could we get it through UChicago? Perhaps use a reverse proxy through the University of Chicago, just for those who cannot get to

IT Requirements Survey (Canvas):

We could make it a poll on teacher pages. Eric will make a draft.

Eric suggested that the survey be ongoing; when new teachers come online, we could have them and/or their IT person fill out the questionnaire. Think about a better name for the survey.

Another approach is to call people up directly. That works when we are small, but won't scale, but it helps get us started.

Google Map:

Tom Jordan reported that the marker for the Punahou School in Hawaii on the Google Map is placed perfectly. Nice work, Eric!

Eric: not me. That's the position reported by the school in their last geometry upload. Give them the credit. And encourage other teachers to check their own schools.

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-- Main.EricMyers - 30 Sep 2008
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