Meeting Notes for 16 July 2008

Present: Mihael, Eric, Tom L. Liz
Absent: Dan K, Mike W., Randy, Kris, Joao, Tom J., Bob

Modes of working – SVN

We discussed how we can all work together on developing software. Currently:

  • Liz: SVN sandbox on her local machine, rsync to www13, commits to SVN

  • Eric: SVN sandbox on www13 Tomcat served area, commits to SVN; he does not like to have to do the extra copy that the everyone else does.

  • Dale: Dreamweaver – working area on his local machine, secure scp to www13; currently he will need to rely on others to commit to SVN

Mihael was concerned about Eric’s approach since the sandbox and testing area are the same. Compromise would be to have an additional Tomcat server on www13 for Eric.

LIGO e-Lab once-over Review

We discussed what we need to do to deploy good e-Labs by Friday when Marge will send in proposal to NSF. We will have a three-way conversation on Friday to see what is left to do. We can also have one on Monday after deployment. (Liz, Eric, Tom L. – maybe Dale?).

LIGO: – test on www13 and commit to SVN

  • Upload good plots and make a poster (Tom L.)

  • Update rubrics and assessment related pages. (assessment/rubric-ci.html and index.jsp and teacher/index.jsp) (Liz)

  • Provide easy access to Bluestone. (as of Wed. AM, users were forced to login as guests with a specific password which the NSF people would not know. (Eric)
  • Fix all problems Dale listed in his attachment to July 15th email. Do not attack problem of displaying the current page for submenus that he described in the body of his email. We can look into this later. (Eric)

  • Edit link on resources page for Discussion Forum to indicate that it is for development work. (Eric) OR else just take it off.

  • Fix links on to exclude Star and Adler. Make link to another part of the wiki with information about Atlas e-Lab. We could also do this for Adler and just mention the i-Lab. It is considered o.k. to have the links to www13 because this is development work.

CMS – test on www13 and commit to SVN

  • Add all changes to allow for the four studies and links to Notre Dame OGRE. (Liz)

  • Fix rubrics and LOs.(Liz)

  • Clean up the posters (ie., get rid of posters owned by cmsguest) . (Liz)

  • Maybe add some posters from development machines (Tom L.)

  • Update pretest/posttest (Liz) – must save all survey data before doing this. (This may or may not happen – it can be done separately from the deployment because it is all database-driven. (Liz)

Admin - Deleting Posters

Bugzilla – add enhancement to allow admins to be able to delete posters. Currently there are lost of posters in CMS belonging to user cmsguest under Beth. We are not sure whether there is actually such a user. Liz will try to clean these up.


Future: We are going to make a punchlist (rubric) of all the items needed for an e-Lab so developers can check whether they have everything and what the quality of each item is. A start for this could come from Liz’s documents for the Adler collaboration meeting. This can be stored in a wiki.

Saving of plots from LIGO

Eric proposed mimicing a form being invoked from Bluestone to the e-Lab. All relevant metadata could be provided to VDS. It would be somewhat like upload image, but have additional metadata. Eric may want to look at the code to save a plot as well because it may be similar.

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