Meeting Notes for 18 June 2008

Present: Bob, Tom L., Mihael, Liz, Eric
Absent: Dan K, Mike W., Randy, Kris, Joao, Tom J.

Tom Loughran's Report:

Need for Telecon with Eric

Tom and Eric have scheduled a telecon with Eric, Tom L’s students and Dale. They settled on Friday morning at 11:00 AM Eastern time. For now they will use telecons instead of Skype; Eric would prefer to interact with students via the forums on www13 rather than by e-mail.

Report on SC08 workshop at LSU

Only one K-12 person came to the event. She was taken by the possibility of using the two e-Labs.She is interested in the use of LIGO and Cosmic e-Labs in mashups. She worked on incorporating kml files into her wikis. She is going to begin with the earthquake data.

We discussed developing an RSS feed with information about the detectors. Any change in geometry and upload data could be noted in the RSS Feed. Liz argued for one feed and Tom L. discussed having one feed per detector which could be quite a lot of feeds! Another alternative is to have a Wiki page devoted to each detector. Let’s discuss this later.

Bob Peterson's Report


The server has been working very well for all the workshops.


Bob told the Fermilab committee that we cannot work on this until Fall.

Help Desk Form

Bob made the following suggestions for links to it.

Design: 1) Help Desk link next to all "LogBook": teachers ONLY. Readily available. Opens Help Desk form immediately. On top right with Login.

2) Teacher side --> Teaching Strategies: Section: teacher guidance on problem-solving. More in-depth. HelpDesk link at end; draft it in one of the wiki’s Could be a standalone link under Classroom Notes:

3) Student side

Help Desk link at end of each; short description.

4) Student side Links placed at strategic steps in e-Lab --> Milestone type reference: Problem-solving Milestone reference: Problem-solving contains strategies for
  • marshaling resources
  • steps in eliminating distractions
  • zero in on source
  • how to escalate levels of help
  • others....
  • if still stuck --> Help Desk link

Work collaboratively in the glossary wiki, Draft in one place. Bob envisioned one reference box. The implementation will become more obvious as the content evolves.

Eric suggested looking at Eric Raymond's article How to ask Questions the Smart Way. This may not be a good thing to show to students directly, but we might want to create our own digested version and link to ESR's original as a reference.

Implementation: Fellows edit design; sign-off.

Short-term: 1), 3)

End summer: add 2)

Fall: 4)

Action Items

  • Bob is going to work with Mihael to implement 1 and 3 above.
  • Eric is going to change the title of his form to be Help Desk after we discussed various alternatives.
  • We are going to use a wiki for people to draft problem solving strategies for e-Lab users. Once we get it done, we will probably have a better idea of where it would fit into the e-Labs and how to implement it.

Eric Myers' Report


The calendar on i2u2 ( ) and Google has all the workshops thanks to Anne at Notre Dame. Bob Peterson now knows how to add workshops to the Google calendar and subscribe to it from iCal so he will take care of adding workshops in the future. Tom L. made sure that everyone who might want to add to the calendar has permissions.

Bluestone Release v0.50

Eric rolled out a new version of Bluestone on tekoa. There is a new step in the process in the analysis process. Task Execution.


Eric is continuing to work on getting SWIFT working. Form that launches the task on Teraport is not working anymore. Eric needs to get this debugged. It worked in November, but it does not work now. Problem is probably that files were erased on Teraport in a service upgrade, so he and Mihael will have to recontstruct the work they did back in November.

Miheal's Report

Reimbursement for SSL Cert.

Marge needs receipt from GoDaddy. Liz will pass it on to her so Mihael can get reimbursed.

OGRE in e-Lab

The work on OGRE does not fit well into his work stream. He is going to try to find a good piece of time.

New ELabs IT position

Liz will send out job information to quarknetgrid listserv. The job posting is up for internal applicants and will go external after this week if Fermilab doesn't have any applicants.

The telecon was cut off before covering the following topics:

  • pre- and post-testing developments (Tom L.)
  • LIGO data availability (Eric)

Next week: Eric and Liz on vacation.

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