Meeting Notes for 21 May

Present: Tom J, Tom L, Eric, Mihael
Absent: Dan, Mike W., Randy, Kris, Joao
Furlough: Bob, Liz

LBNL trip

Tom L will report on his trip next week when Bob is available.


Tom L is teaching an independent study course next year and Eric wondered if he could use a course management system tool ( Moodle is created in PHP with SQL interfaces--Eric feels that he can easily modify it for his (our) purposes Eric is currently using it for classes (primarily upload and download files as well as posted announcements). Eric discussed the idea of doing a tour during one of our con-calls. The tour would help us to explore how we could use the tool within the ELabs collaboration and perhaps the e-Labs.

Database query for data uploads

It looks like the shell is the best place to do this. Tom J was looking for a way to determine the number of data files that a particular DAQ has uploaded. The VDC doesn't make this easy.

Place marks

Tom L wondered about the history of the current thread regarding google placmark files. We discussed last week's conversation about this and the resulting placemark (kml) files that Eric discussed. Tom L mentioned that data are now available from NASA indicating "total electron count" in the ionosphere. These are also released as kml files for google maps or google earth. Tom L's students did a similar map by inspecting the geo files by hand and extracting the lat. long. into another kml file We talked about: using this dispaly to select data files for shower studies. using this display to see when detectors are on-line (would need a kml file for a time period--day?? week??) using this display to access logs about the detectors. i.e., we are plateauing this week, ignore these data users uploading their own kml file using this display to animate shower arrival. This also raises questions about what information should be public, private or limited-private (i.e., to us but not other users).

ELabs funding

We received the full amount from NSF. We will be able to support teacher workshops and travel for staff members and fellows. We are also moving forward on hiring the FTE at Fermilab.

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