Meeting Notes for 2 April 2008

Present: Eric, Bob, Tom L., Tom J., Mihael, Liz; Absemt: Dan K, Mike W., Randy, Kris, Joao

Supercomputing K12 education workshop

Tom L. told us about this week-long workshop at LSU in mid-June related to the November (at SC 08). He wants to include e-Labs, in particular the LIGO e-Lab. He is interested in getting students and teachers in the generation of a Seismic Sensitivity Map – large project.

Tom L.. Tom J, Bob, and other interested in this can have a separate telecon.

Release of Refactored Code

  • Problem – SWIFT making huge plots very wide and tries to render them in memory. It could not complete the process. Mihael is going to force a maximum size on the plots.
  • Filenames had full path – keep filename.

Fixes have been rolled out to 18; needs to be tested. Log in as Fermigroup – or testteacher

Bob will do test. If we can rollout,
  • Bob will make a news banner and send out message to give people a heads-up. He sends e-mail to a large list of people from his personal computer.
  • We can possibly deploy on Tuesday.

Mihael plans to fix certificates.

Mihael reported that automated testing is in place on the e-Lab: Jmeter testing starts.

Ligo and Bluestone

Eric has a version of Bluestone he would like to move to 'test'. We'll call it v0.50.

Dale and Tom are testing this. Test version on www12. Mihael and Eric will talk offline.

The current setup is:
  • www18 production
  • www12 testing
  • www13 development
  • The rest will be running analyses

Eric will give us a diagram of e-Lab and Bluestone and how they work together.

Eric wanted to know the path for moving LIGO from test to production on an Argonne machine. Mihael pointed out the LiGO and CMS will be deployed with the Cosmic e-Lab

Eric will have Dale look at the version on www18 to see if it is ready.

We discussed the need for a way to save plots created with Bluestone as products in the e-Lab. Tom L. pointed out the advantages of having the plots in the e-Lab including being able to run the job again to recreate the plot, using it in posters, making it available to others. Eric needs some kind of way to call the e-Lab from Bluestone with the information about the owner of the plot.

Bug Report Form (Same as last week)

Eric still has a little more work; Bob has not had time to figure out where to put the links to in the e-Lab


Eric brought up some enhancements he would like to see in the e-Lab

  • File permissions on plots, data and posters so students can choose to keep files private until they are ready to share them.
  • Allow individual students to log in and own plots. Students should also be able to work in a group as well so the group could own other products.

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