Meeting Notes for 19 March 2008

Present: Liz, Tom L., Bob, Eric (showed up late)
Absent: Dan K, Mike W., Randy, Kris, Mihael, Tom J., Joao

Release of Refactored Code


We went over the list of blockers that Bob put into Bugzilla.

Action Item: Bob and Liz will limit the list to real blockers and convert the others to lower priority.

RLS Issue - Backward Compatibility

We discussed the problems with backward compatibility because the refactored code does not store the information about files in the RLS. Files made on www18 do not have the RLS information they need if we go back to the production version that looks in the RLS.

Motivation for Getting It Done

Marge wants to announce that we have grid execution in production. Eric pointed out that he is close to having Bluestone running jobs on the grid. (Mihael and Eric ran a LIGO analysis on the Grid in November, but not via the Bluestone interface.) We actually do have links to this version on the production list of e-Labs so technically we have a version working on the web that is comparable in reliability to what researchers have.

Two day limit to lifetime of jobs.

We all think this should be increased.

Persistence of jobs issue.

All jobs reside in memory so if the server crashes or there is a power failure, you lose those jobs. Is there someway to checkpoint these and write them to disk for recovery of jobs?

Action Item: Liz will put this in Bugzilla as an enhancement.


We discussed the issue of support and when Mihael was on vacation, it made us realized how dependent we were on him.

Eric's Bug Report form for users

We discussed the form and for the most part thought it was really good the way it was. Bob suggested we should just do it for Cosmic Ray e-Lab first. We decided to allow for all e-Labs and rely on Eric's dynamic content to hide or show parts that were relevant. He can also provide Bob with URLs with parameters that allow certain form items to be filled in automatically. Bob will look to see where they should go in the e-Lab.


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