Meeting Notes for 5 December 2007

Present: Eric, Mihael, Bob, Liz, Tom L. , Dan K., K. Whelan(at end) Absent: Mike W. Randy, Joao, Tom J.

New Data Server

Unexpected problems with things.

The machine works, but it doesn't boot properly from the raid device. Rick is trying a BIOS update.

Eric has idea to use a small non-RAID disk to boot from. What about the support for this? What about IBM?

Eric inquired whether there are two empty slots on the new server that we can add to later? Mike Wilde would know this. Eric is waiting to migrate data (second trend data) to this array so he is also eager for the server to be running.

Eric had idea of getting pictures of the servers to put on the web. He is going to put some LIGO sensors up as well.

Related item: Have a student site do a podcast of how to put the detector together. Have them in short segments. Put it up on Youtube.

Steps to getting new code base into production

Bob is unavailable for testing next week because of the QuarkNet meeting in California. He will not approve the refactored code until he has use of this server.

Mihael almost done with LIGO. (actually finished conversion later in the week).

Bug fixes for Bob. Graying out options in the analysis after user's selections limit options.

Problem with Caching of the references – will commit fix when he is done with LIGO. Converted the displaying, but not the editing. Liz will have to wait until he fixes this.

New thread- Missing links in the references.

The firewall in the school issue.

This might be a scalability issue with the server. Vendor for filtering software. What is the law they are operating under? There may be patterns that emerge. Eric has the start of documentation about how to troubleshoot problems in accessing the site; he suggests we compose a letter to the network administrator that can be sent out when a new school is connecting.

CMS Analysis

Three Issues reiterated from last week's telecon:
  • Running the analysis remotely using SSH
  • What the data files are?
  • How you build the interface. Needs to be transformed into html.

Dan does not know what the format of the data is going to be. How to present the physics object.

Dan converted the web page from php to jsp; he wants to get away from cgi processing and put in a Tomcat acceptable way. Cgi has to be compiled each time.

Question: Where are we going to run the analyis? Root installed and the perl scripts installed in the nodes. The other choice is to run the jobs on machines you have control over and use SSH instead of Globus.

Hard pressed to have simultaneous users of the OGRE. Test beam would not require this.

Bottleneck is installing the analysis code on the various machines. Eric mentioned installing ROOT through LIGO tools. Currently for CMS – download the current version of ROOT, unpack it in a directory in the OGRE home directory. It is all local. ROOT sys in the .bash profile set to OGRE/ROOT. Perl compiles to byte code, not an executable.

Plan for new e-Lab: Analysis from Zs from Monte Carlo. Z analysis; the only change would be the format of the data.

Testing pointing at lepto-quark using the SSH approach or just executing on the lepto-quark without SWIFT

Combining SWIFT with SSH approach and the new jsp page that he has created. He wrote the jsp page to connect to the database.

Dan will be using SVN.

Dan is going to document the steps that they need to take. We can put this on the wiki.

Next week Dan will be at CERN on CMS e-Lab. Getting them on-board. Generic introduction to QuarkNet and i2u2.


Liz suggested making a new version of Amelia for Kris to use; Converting Amelia code to Refactored code. Basic layout and content are separate. Integrating.

Joaa is working on making it browser-based.

Other Topic - to Carry Over to Next Telecon.

Engagement of STAR elabs

Release strategy using SVN (or CVS), including:

  • Development on trunk or branch?
  • Two level (production+testing) versus
  • three level (production+testing+development)
  • normal releases versus fixing bugs or rollbacks
  • tags versus branches (or using both?)

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