Meeting Notes for 7 November 2007

SC2007 Education Program

Tom L. is going to bring the Cosmic Ray detector( CRIL) used for i-Labs like the one at Adler? (Cosmic Ray Informal Lab). He will post the schedule on the web. He may have to alter it if Bob can’t come.

om L. will use parts of the Liz’s talk for workshop.

Tom will present on the convention floor in the education booth.

Testing of refactored site Cosmic and the beta version of CMS.

Tom L. is going to have his students try it. He will also test the one we’re linking to. Will get back to Mihael.

Workshop Assessment – fill out a form. We may have specific questions? Maybe Jean Young could provide us with something. We are going to use the guest user except for Cosmic production.

Tom L. will set up a user account: sc07 student. Reno

Staff should try to record – start a log for SuperComputing – in the different rooms to keep a record of what they learn from users at the booth.

LIGO on the grid

Eric is setting up software on the Teraport at the University of Chicago machine. He is having to build from source. They have been making good progress. Eric is hoping to build binaries. The library versions are a problem. If he can’t, it does not scale.

LIGO – educational part.

Dale Ingram is making progress on this with help from Liz.


Bob has not had time for this. Mihael is hoping the testing done at the workshops and in class at St. Joe's.

Paying undergraduates to test; Mitch Wayne might have students to do this. Exercise team. Tom L. could supervise it instead of Bob.

Server at Argonne

No progress so far. Systems people are probably busy with SuperComputing.


Mitch Wayne might have students to do this. Exercise team. Tom L. could supervise it instead of Bob. Mihael volunteered to do this instead.

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