Meeting Notes for 17 October 2007

Refactored Code and Grid Execution

State of GRID execution – 1) a reservation on teraport that we can use. We can run multiple jobs on it. 2) modified queues so they give more priority to shorter jobs. 3) they are concerned about giving us a full node. We’ll see how this works.

Correcting data uploaded to wrong detector Getting detector id off list for uploading. Tom L. will add comments to this data and Bob will warn the current owners of detector id 138.

Storage issues

Testing GRID: www12: 9080 --> need data space; we will have to wait until we get the new server up. It is now at Argonne.


The reported a missing library; Mihael pessimistic about their getting this up.

Annual Report

Liz, Mihael - Task 1 developers toolkit -- is this something you and the UC guys can look at and update

Mike, Mihael, Ben? - Task 2 (grid and systems devel.)

TomL, TomJ, Bob, Dale, Eric, Task 3 (physics)

Questions for CI Group: Outreach activities; Contributions within discipline?


Education Component – i2u2 presence in K-12 component 1.5 hours; Nov. 13th 1:30 – 3 PM.; 20-30 people

Bring a cosmic ray detector and connected to a computer – send them to the booth..

Ligo – possible

Highlight different aspects and then turn them loose.

Mihael’s version – testing version

Focus - Web Page with relevant URLs and Focus on particular data (earthquake in Indonesia, Aspen Cosmic Ray data)


Mihael sent an email to Dan on Monday; Dan has not replied;

Mihael is using www10 as starting point for converting code to refactored version. He took things from CVS. The milestones are different between www10 and www12.

Perl – convert input parameters to form Root wants.

Setting up Tomcat to work with the database.

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