Meeting Notes for 22 August 2007

Present: Liz, Eric, Mihael, Bob, Mike W., Tom L.
Absent: Tom J., Tibi

Wiki/Forum Issue

(Carry over from last telecon)

Bob had asked his Fellows to give us information on experiences and policy regarding student access to wikis from schools. He did not ask them for a list of features they wanted for forums and wikis. Eric would like to see this get going. Tom L. plans to use it for his students. Ten teachers who went through the LIGO workshop are planning to use the site in the fall. Bob will ask his Fellows to look at the site that Eric has set up (, and to give him feedback. We will do this instead of asking for a list of features they want before looking at Eric's site. One issue is whether we should have one wiki for all e-Labs or one per e-Lab. Eric pointed out that if you use MediaWiki, then there is an export/import feature that can be used to easily move their material on the other wiki to Eric's wiki. But cut and paste will work if the amount of material to move is small.

The Fellows can create their own accounts on the prototype site, as long as they have an "invitation code". Eric gave out a code over the phone. We should not publish the code, as it would then allow anybody who can read our minutes or notes to create an account. But you can freely distribute it via any private channel (e-mail list, phone, etc).

Action Item: Bob will give the site URL and invitation code to any of the Fellows who are interested in investigating Eric's site.

Advice for Taiwanese fellow

Mike: we are willing to share hardware and software, but it does not come attached with support. Clarify what we can do and cannot do. We do not have the resources.

Action Item: Liz and Bob will ask Marge to clarify what the obligations are to the Taiwanese.

Mihael’s refactored code:

We are on the 8th iteration of testing and Mihael will be ready for more testers soon. More people need to hammer on it. Mihael has been posting the report to the list and people should use this format.

Action Item: Bob will upload some good data and test the analyses.

Action Item: Tom will report to Mihael on what changes in the production version are relevant to getting the production and the refactored versions to produce the same results from the same data.

Eric’s analysis VDL or SWIFT

We had a long discussion of parameter passing. Need documentation on passing parameters and parameter files for SWIFT. Eric does not have a workflow right now. Mihael provided Eric with more information and they are continuing the conversation through the listserv. Eric is going to schedule a trip to Chicago for a dedicated effort face-to-face meeting starting the week of the 10th. All the software builds are on 13. Eric wants to get graphical result and get it running on SWIFT or VDL.

Tibi's Status

Tibi will be shifting his work to Economics problems. He is on vacation until Sept. 4th. Mihael and Mike are the only ones available.

Port 8080 -

Not covered - Needs to be discussed next telecon

Eric questioned why we were using port 8080 instead of 80 for our server. Port 8080 is sometimes blocked. Mihael pointed out that 8080 was the port Tomcat used.

Action Item: Mihael will investigate whether we can use port 80. Since Eric is setting up an Apache server on www13, he will use port 80 for that. He'll arrange the directory structure so that there is room to serve other things besides just the LIGO analysis too.

Meeting ended at 12:00 PM CDT.

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