Present: Tibi, Liz, Mike Jr. (Mihael), Bob and Tom J.

Routing of users from

Liz reported rollout of new pages for onto production machine.

Jmeter and Load-balancing

Bob Peterson worked on the four JMeter tests for analysis. He is getting the hang of all the switches you have to set. He has to do upload again. Tibi is taking Bob?s tests and cleaning them up. He is adding the login procedure by hand because Jmeter does not handle the secure site for login. It tests whether the pages are available. The person who wrote the test should be able to look at the results. Jmeter will allow some extra functionality for doing diffs. We don?t have this automated yet. We need a delete teacher. (This needs to delete all research groups and their products.)

Load-balancing on hold until the hardware is fixed. We only have one functioning machine for the load-balancing.

Analysis Code

Tom Jordan reported fixes to performance.jsp for default for bintype. He understands problem with geo files that is causing the problems with the shower studies. There seems to be two different cable lengths in the geo files (time and length). He is going to fix all of them to be the same. He is hoping to rollout some changes by Friday.


Mike Jr. did a rollout last Friday. We will do the rollout to 15 earlier on Friday to check things and then do the rollout to 11 Firday night. Tibi has a web page where the results are stored. Deployment wiki page as all the URLs. has information that needs to be update.

Dead Machines

Mihael reported we are still having issues with hardware problems. He hasn?t heard anything. Maybe we need a part-time system admin who could be on top of these problems. 16 is alive to ping. Mihael suggests replacing the hard drive. 16 and 17 are on top of the rack and he thinks heat is causing a problem.

Mike Jr.'s progress on update of code

Mihael is working on e-Lab tag library for analyses. Jsp being a little nicer. Good for implemention of navbar tag. Mihael is going to write documentation so we can take a look at it. We are hoping that Nick Dettman can work on converting the other analyses to use this new method instead of beans. He is starting May 14th.

Annotation of Variables

Mihael got to the bottom of this bug. New transformations were entered without bringing over the annotations. The annotations for the variabls were there, but they were associated with transformations with the suffix "NoThresh". We also had a problem with absolute references in the annotations that pointed to We used absolute ones because we were entering them in Chiron. Mihael made a new file editDescription.jsp that allows us to edit the annotations. It is currently running on www15 which accesses the production VDS. He also had to change the javascript calls in the analysis jsp's to describe(...) to have the fix the names of the transformations. These will get rolled out on Friday, Liz will put these on www13, but it will mean using the editDescription file using the new transformation names. Mihael had to changes the indices by hand on the production VDS.

Liz's Concern about populating the user database for new e-Labs

She discussed this based on her experience with getting amelia started. We need some kind of skeleton to populate the user database for a new e-Lab. We need to figure out what roles (admin?, etc) we really need and whether we can design it so that we don't have create different developer logins for each of the e-Labs to perform different tasks such as adding references so that the developers cannot destroy the others' work.

Action Items:

Bob will send Tibi the upload, resources, logbook and posters. Tibi: work on the tests and update Testing with Jmeter page with correct URL.

Mike Jr.. - write documentation for his e-lab library tag.

Liz - continue to work on amelia and try to write something up about the populating the user database for new e-Labs

We need to pursue the hardware problems pronto - noone was specifically assigned this task. Mike W????

-- Main.LizQuigg - 02 May 2007
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