Present: Tibi, Tom L., Tom J., Liz, Bob, Mike Jr.


We discovered that www13 development machine is using the production VDC. Tibi is going to try to set up www13 to use the VDC that is using; this is different than the one is using. From Ben's email: It is called www10_vdc and lives in the database installation. There is also www10_userdb.


We discussed how to handle accounts for educator developers so that they will not have to have an SSH key to use Dreamweaver and www13 as a remote site. Tom J. is going to guide Tom L. in requesting an account and see if he can change his password and then connect with Dreamweaver without an SSH key.

News Box

Liz talked about the news box she is testing on www13. There were some suggestions about improving the format which she will incorporate. She will all add Chicago Time to the time of publishing to avoid having to put convert to UTC or GMT. She is going to put this in CVS and it should rollout with on Friday.


Tibi reported on the progress he made. He met with Bob this week and Bob will be able to make some more tests using the tool that records tests. Tibi noted that some of the tests suggested in the document on testing are more difficult because they cannot be undone. For example, we don?t have functionality to remove a teacher.

Action Items:

We should take www11 out of load-balancing for any tests we do so we don?t interfere with the production server.

Bob will develop tests for jmeter.

Tibi will fix VDC for www13.

Liz will add news box and Mihael will rollout on Friday.

Bob will maintain news box content at least every Monday.

Tom L. will give us feedback on getting an account and using Dreamweaver.

-- Main.LizQuigg - 04 Apr 2007
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