Progress on developer info both for the analyses ? Tibi is working stripped down version of pieces you need for an analysis. ? Make a generic e-Lab based on the refactoring. (it would invoke the tr Tibi develops) ? Chiron vs. command line ? Annotation of the variables ? should we put we add a web page to the regular e-Lab or should we do it in command line. Chiron has pages to do this.

Status of everyone's work

Ben on core e-Lab and other work

Tibi on saving plots so they can be used in www12 CMS site Liz and Nick will try to fix posters so they don?t use the replica catalog.

Developer the educator content.

Testing document ? Bob, Tom J and Liz have made progress, but need to add specific information about files for analyses.

Notes and action items from meeting with Adler i-Lab group ? Bob registered Adler as school. ? They want to use the e-Lab from their classroom. ? Want automated upload scheme. Mike and Tom will take this offline. ? Want to add transformations, solar inclination. This may have a more general use where you could upload an excel file. ? Calibration issues ? How should we be setting up e-Lab dialogs for each e-Lab. Dedicated sublists. Argonne need to be able to log on their computer inside the exhibit. ? Visualization of the inline data. Some kind of waveform. Look at Liz?s simulation. ? Guidelines for adding filters and doing VDL, etc. Unix command line stuff. ? Directory of plots on their touchscreen monitor. Batch oriented.

Plans for Jan 24 tutorial(s)

Educator Workshops ? Main concern will be Participants in the educator workshops have the technical level that would suggest they are better off being given the jsp files to edit on their local machines and give it to staff to put onto the server.

VDL tutorial - Unix-based.

Bob brought up Reliability Issues: Need another test by Tom L?s students on the cluster environment. Ben has tidied it up. We cannot bring the cluster up for production until this testing is done. Ben could update 13 and 14 with the latest versions so he can have a cluster with 11, 13 and 14. He will shoot for next Wednesday. Tibi will work on testing based on the testing functionality document. Possibly put Ganglia on the server. Systems run NAGIO. Ganglia seems to collect different stuff.

Ben and Liz will communicate about meeting next week. Wed., the 17th.

-- Main.LizQuigg - 17 Jan 2007
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