Subversion - local installation


OS X / MacOS

Ubuntu 16.04

Fedora 23

SVN is in the main repository (1.9.4 as of July 2016). There are three packages recommended by most installation guides:


We need only the main subversion package to checkout and commit from the main repository. The subversion-tools package has a useful function svn-clean that might be of interest, but it's otherwise unnecessary. mod_dav_svn is an Apache mod for allowing HTTP access to a repo; you'd only need it locally if you're running your own repository.

Install with

$ sudo dnf install subversion

This should be all you need to do.

After Installation

Check to see if everything works by checking the version and accessing the trunk of the main repository at Fermi:
$ svn --version
$ svn info

If these give useful information instead of errors, then you should be set to proceed.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-07-08


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