Ant - Local Installation

Ant is yet another Apache product that specializes in converting source files into Java applications. We use Ant during the deployment process to construct the e-Lab webapps from the JSP and Java code in the repository.



Fedora 23

Ant is not preinstalled, but it is in the main repository as the package ant. Use $ sudo dnf info ant to learn more about what's available to you. I found

Available Packages
Name       : ant
Version    : 1.9.6
Release    : 2.fc23

(Joel June 2016). Install it as normal using $ sudo dnf install ant. The binary ant command is installed at /usr/bin/ant. The directory /usr/bin/ should already be in your default Path ($ echo $PATH if you want to double-check), so you won't need to worry about adding it (see below).

Add to Path


There's lots of variation in where OS X stores Path variables.

Fedora 23

Your user Path variable is stored in ~/.bash_profile.

-- Main.JoelG - 2016-06-24


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